Recipe by Mark Grossman

Recipe by Mark Grossman

The New York-born chef at Bob’s Bake Shop, Bob’s Juice Bar and Bob’s Café (Paris) has just published a Shabbat cookbook featuring braided bread.

A New Yorker who grew up in a non-practicing Jewish family and has lived in Paris for twenty years, Mark Grossman just published Shabbat recipes and other kosher recipes for every day in Marabout, illustrated with his own photographs.

Among the more than 100 challah recipes, of course, in a good place: “This is the drug of access to the Shabbat experience. Its twisted and intertwined threads come together, as we do, with our disparate and independent lives … We gather as a family to connect with each other and connect with the past. He wrote. It can also be found in recipes for French toast, bread pudding, and Thanksgiving poultry stuffing.

Every Friday, by reservation, Mark Grossman offers his takeaway challah from two of his Parisian addresses, Bob’s Bake Shop (18and) and Bob’s Juice Bar (10and).

Mark Grossman and his hallots in front of Bob’s Bake Shop (Paris, 18
and). Mark Grossman

challah recipe


Cooking time: 20 minutes

Rest time: 2:30

Cooking time: 25 minutes


•730 g flour T45

• 2 spoons…

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