Recipe for pasta with cheddar and ham

Recipe for pasta with cheddar and ham

Do you like liquid cheese? Then you won’t be able to resist this pasta casserole anymore.

Gather around this melting and cheese-rich concoction. This blend of Italian accents won’t leave you hungry. Generous and consistent, this cheddar and ham pasta will make your table more festive. Also enjoy mushroom and chicken gratin to diversify your desires, or opt for sweet potatoes with a sweet and mild flavor. We also offer potatoes stuffed with cheddar cheese and bacon. Enjoy lunch!



Boil pasta in a pot of boiling water.


Mix flour and sour cream together. Add shredded cheddar, then curry. Salt pepper.


Drain the shells and place them in a dish. Pour the cream mixture over so that all the pasta is soaked with it.


Break up the ham. Stir. You can sprinkle with grated cheddar if you have left over.


Bake at 180°C for 30 minutes.