Rikikur Sherpa breakfast

Rikikur Sherpa breakfast

Potatoes are rooted in the Sherpa diet, but this has not always been the case. She got to them only in the middle XIXand century and soon became a commodity. This was facilitated by their sedentary and agricultural way of life. They even went to Tibet to sell dried potatoes. This humble tuber grows in the Andes. [en Amérique du Sud] enabled communities like the Sherpas to overcome hunger, gain economic stability and change their way of life.

Potatoes are the basis of Sherpa cuisine and can be cooked in any conceivable way – in pancakes, ravioli, soups, stews, mashed potatoes. In the past, flour and alcohol were even made from it. People working in the fields usually dine on boiled potatoes with spicy pickles.

in rikikur (Ricky means “potato” and Kur, “galette” or “pain”) – a common breakfast among Sherpas: apples

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