Spicy Drinks: 5 Hot and Cold Recipes to Try

Spicy Drinks: 5 Hot and Cold Recipes to Try

Infusion of blackcurrant and cinnamon meadowsweet

This homemade infusion will be your ally to get ready for spring and have an easy day.
Accompanied by the warm woody notes of cinnamon, it will also give you a moment of pleasure that evokes childhood nostalgia.
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Ash infusion

An herbal tea that promotes general body drainage, balanced, with ash leaves and their slight bitterness, gently acidic hibiscus flowers, meadowsweet flowers and their vanilla and bitter almond aroma…
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Kiwi and cabbage juice

To get enough of the “green vitamin”, open the recipe for the original juice from kiwi, apple, tea and cabbage. A real cocktail of good nutrients and maximum flavors.
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Golden soy milk with turmeric

A true ally of our immune defenses, turmeric is consumed here in sweet milk, which softens the spicy side of the drink. Consume without moderation for iron health.
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grape detox juice

Spring is detox season! Discover delicious grape juice blended with the freshness of hibiscus and the spicy character of vanilla.
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