Successful organic juice brand Suja Juice

Successful organic juice brand Suja Juice

Suja Juice, the brand that blows everything up with fresh, organic and healthy juices, puts its ambassadors on charcoal and sells its bottles faster than any of its competitors.

Identify his fans, distribute to influencers who are sensitive to his product and benefit from a sizable follower base, give them a waouuuuu gift… and that’s it. Classical? Yes. But all juice recipes Suja Juice as well thought out as their overall strategy, their marketing, or their collaborations. Proof ? Doesn’t work, explodes.

In a very vibrant market for fresh, organic, VG and healthy juice… Suja Juice is a role model. In 2012, Suja Juice products were available at approximately 10,000 retailers and the brand has already generated over $80 million in revenue. What’s more, Coca-Cola, which knows that sodas pumped with glucose and artificial flavors are living out their last years of imperialism, was not wrong. In August 2015, the firm acquired capital Suja Juice 30% and Goldman Sachs 20% for a total of $150 million. Suja Juice was then valued at $300 million. In memory of organic sap… we’ve never seen anything grow so fast.

Suja Juice Success Story

The story of Suji (which means a long and beautiful life) Soka is as beautiful as a storyteller’s tale.

It all started in San Diego. Annie Lawless and Eric Ethans owned a shop that offered delicious juices made from only organic and non-GMO fruits and vegetables, garnished with all the flavoring plants and their proportion of omega-3s, vitamins, micronutrients of all kinds. … When James Brennan, a forward-thinking entrepreneur who is one of San Diego’s most successful, and Jeff Church, acting CEO of Nika Water Company, tried them, they were tempted to turn small businesses into startup mode. Suja Juice is born.

Choice of technology. it changes everything

The transition to industrial scale was accompanied by the choice of the most efficient process to preserve all the nutrients of the ingredients. Unlike its competitors who typically opt for traditional pasteurization, Suja Juice has invested in revolutionary technology: high pressure processing (HPP). And, according to customers, it works. It is not only tasty, but also perfectly cleanses the body of toxins. A real concentrate of wellness that we exchange between gazelles… In short, a rejuvenation agent, which means that we do not skimp on investment: bottles of less than 500 ml are sold for almost 8 dollars. And on the site their composition is described in detail, since we present a sheet of care (vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates …), their names sound like real elixirs of youth (strength, courage, 12 essentials …). Obviously everything is sold in fully biodegradable bottles…

Strategy of “common products”

With a bobo-equivalent goal, vegan labeled, extremely sensitive to the values ​​of a better life in my body and on my planet, the brand uses and abuses all the codes. in “product exchange” For example : the brand agrees to donate €0.15 to charity for each bottle sold. Thus, buying a bottle of Green Charge helps to educate young people about the environment, Bluets Bluetrients helps improve children’s nutrition to prevent childhood obesity…

Communication operations with influencers

But Suja Juice also knows how to surf through the strength of their communities. Behind thank your ambassadors the most loyal and grab some new influencers, they sent them a box of Minuit Tonic. Produced in a limited edition, only 1000 bottles were sold. And what had to happen happened. When a brand you like offers you, in particular, a really good item that you can’t find in stores… what happens? famous effect FOMO (behind “Fear of missing out“): after a few hours, a small supply of black drink, a mixture of water, lemon, stevia, berries lemongrassginger and activated charcoal (which has no taste, has an excellent detox effect and gives the drink a black color).

Eva Longoria on Snapchat and other influencers expressed their surprise and enthusiasm. Within a few days, the campaign generated over 13 million impressions. Its cost? The cost of sending boxes… This is also a detox…