Ten fried chickens to bite into

Ten fried chickens to bite into

There are well-kept secrets, must-see stops, and ones worth driving around for. There are above all essentials of all kinds that are good to share. For the pleasure of your tastes, Duty so I imagined the meeting as a gourmet notebook, one topic at a time. Cravings for comfort food during the pandemic have led to an increase in fried chicken addresses. This classic, like a clear lifeline, is able to make us temporarily forget about the unpredictability that attacks us. For your enjoyment, these ten addresses should be on hand.



If Eunjeong Ko has loved Korean fried chicken since she was a child, she didn’t expect her to become the star of her restaurant in the Notre Dame de Grace district. It was after visiting a client, businessman Paul Diaconescu, who has since become her partner, that she realized she had a unique product. Inspired by the light and crispy fried chicken found on every corner in its home country, K’BOB – now Olivia – contains no milk, buttermilk, eggs or butter. It can be topped with several homemade sauces, including soy garlic and spiced honey.

Four addresses, including the original at 6563 Somerled Avenue.

pumpui grocery store

Secret of Little Italy, Pumpui grocery store serves delicious Thai food, including curries that work every time. But the real star of chef Jesse Mulder’s cuisines is fried chicken wings. Spicy, meaty and crunchy, they are served with a sweet chili sauce. A delight, well done with simplicity, just like the place and the service of the team.

83 rue Saint-Zotic East

Triple crown dinette

A classic in terms of fried chicken that hasn’t aged in the slightest since its discovery in 2012. People come here for the comforting cuisine of the southern United States, of which the chicken is undoubtedly the symbol. Chef and co-owner Colin Perry, originally from Kentucky, cooks it in memory of the one his grandmother served. Crispy as it should be, with a very juicy pulp inside, it fully lives up to expectations, both in solo and in combo portions. His version of “Big Nasty” is one of the best reasons to go to Little Italy: two pieces of fried chicken sandwiched between two buttermilk buns topped with brown sauce and scallions. Just this. For those interested, the waffle and fried chicken dish is back.

6704 Clark Street

Roch Rooster

After reading its motto #faiteslamourpasladiète, you enter Roch le Coq with the feeling that you will have a lot of fun. And that’s putting it mildly! New to the fried chicken scene, this is a playground for six companions, all from the restaurant industry. Among them is Osama Ben Tanfus, the head cook who holds the secret to making American fried chicken. His poultry from the Les Voltigeurs farm is bathed in buttermilk, and the breading that follows is thick enough to crunch that we love so much. What we also love is the opportunity to accompany this high quality chicken with natural wine and bubbles. After Outremont, a second address in Akhuntsik has just opened.

1541 Van Horn Avenue

555 Chabanel Street

Little atmosphere

Discover the flavors of Hawaii and the Philippines with fried chicken at Petit Vibe in Côte des Neiges. Opened a little over two years ago by three friends who grew up in the neighborhood, the establishment offers few things… besides the Poké Bowl! Here the fried chicken is seasoned with furikake, a mixture of bonito, seaweed, sesame seeds and salt. The result is savory and crunchy, served with a sweet citrus sauce, rice and pasta salad. It’s called a budget trip!

5536-A Côtes de Neiges Road

Mitch Delhi

Chef and teacher Maxime Gagne’s sandwich shop has it all! Not only did he open the place to help his former unemployed students at the Montreal School of Catering and Tourism during the lockdown, but his fried chicken sandwich is amazing too. Very crispy and at the same time tender chicken seasoned with herb mayonnaise, spicy sauce and pickled onions. Saliva, but not too much! It is currently closed for renovations.

5868 Lorimier Avenue


fries shack

A project born in the midst of a pandemic, Baraque à frites fried chicken has become the lifeline of Les Sales Gosses restaurant. The unequivocal popularity of their impromptu dining in the summer of 2020 led its owners to find a year-round establishment in the Saint-Sauveur district a year later. It offers perfectly browned cajun fried chicken made from cornmeal and breadcrumbs. Food lovers will find what they’re looking for on trays of three to twelve pieces and variations of chicken poutine and burgers.

334 rue Marie-de-l’Incarnation

Tora Ya Ramen

It is not necessary to go to Tora-Ya for this, but anyone sitting there is unlikely to miss the chicken basket. Popcorn Japanese style to whet your appetite. Tender and juicy flesh, rolled in the right amount of breadcrumbs. It is hot and crispy. Tightens even. With spicy mayonnaise, it gets decadent!

75 St. Joseph Street East

Barbecue of biceps

Like Dinette Triple Crown, Chez Bicep BBQ also celebrates the flavors of the southern United States with a wide selection of home-smoked meats including ribs and beef brisket. A menu like this wouldn’t be complete without a fried chicken dish, and the dish prepared here is worth the trip in itself. Marinated in buttermilk for the desired tenderness, it’s topped with a light, crispy breading perfect for dipping in BBQ sauce. You’re licking your fingers!

5151 Boulevard Henri-Bourassa.



Chicken O’Mary is sesame for gluttony if you come to Saint-Raymond.. And if you forget it, just look up and you’ll see a neon restaurant sign proudly displaying it. Because this chicken is not just a chicken, it is also the story of Mario Iaizzo, a local man who wanted to compete with none other than Colonel Sanders! It was in his O’Mary restaurant that he cooked the fried chicken that has made Tout-Portneuf popular for over 50 years. By coincidence, Le Nocturne became the owner of the product, but not the recipe! Every week, the breading mix is ​​delivered personally by Mr. Yaizzo directly to the restaurant. It’s called a well-kept secret and well worth the visit.

434, rue Saint-Cyril, Saint-Raymond

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