the customer discovers a whole chicken head in his order

the customer discovers a whole chicken head in his order

This KFC customer was horribly surprised to find a whole chicken head in her order. She posted her unattractive find on social media.

The horrific discovery caused an uproar on the Web. On December 23, a KFC customer got hungry and ordered a menu from a fried chicken restaurant. Seduced by his order, the woman began to eat, then, taking out another piece, found that his food consisted of a chicken head all.

Chicken head on the KFC menu

In Twickenham, England, a customer of the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant chain. found a whole chicken head in my order. An unpleasant surprise that Gabrielle didn’t expect. The shocked and outraged client decided to post her horrific discovery on her social media. “I found fried chicken head in my chicken wing meal which prevented me from eating the rest. bullshit“, she wrote.

For their part, Internet users did not fail emphasize your distaste. “If you’re having a bad day, think of that girl who found a whole chicken head in her box of KFC chicken wings in England. Extreme negligence!“This is a shock wave that has swept across the web. Faced with controversy, KFC clarified that new devices will be installed to avoid similar disappointments in the future.

KFC offers buyer compensation

We were genuinely surprised by this photo. Since Gabrielle contacted us, we’re trying to figure out how this could have happenedthe American restaurant chain first responded in a press release given to New York Post. Then select the “home” production of his fried chicken:Simply put, we serve real chicken – and we’re proud of it – but this has clearly eluded the rigorous processes and controls set by our suppliers, our partners, and our teams who cook everything home-cooked in our restaurants.“.

KFC added that they put in place “additional measureswith their suppliers and train their teams toavoid “so that it doesn’t happen again. As for Gabrielle, the self-proclaimed king of fast food fried chicken, claims to have contacted her to seek compensation.

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