The four best juice bars in Paris

The four best juice bars in Paris

Focus on the most popular bars in the capital fashionable season. iStock

Good for morale and health, “juicy mania” is invading the capital. Focus on the most popular bars fashionable season.

the most beauty

The juice: Claire Clarence, the granddaughter of the founder of the cosmetics brand, opened her own “juice” tavern in 2015, where regulars come to stock up on small magic bottles (8.50 euros for 360 ml). Originality? Recipes prepared with the help of an ethnobotanist from Clarins that include 100% organic plants. Very popular products for bikini (115 euros for three days) and Easy Detox (75 euros for three days) for gentle cleansing of the body. (Delivery in Paris, 12 euros.)

C’juice, 21, rue du Dragon (6th Paris). Such. :
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The healthiest

JuiceLab: After wandering around Brooklyn, 28-year-old Mandarin opened her first “juice shops” in 2014. Immediate success. So much so that it opens two points of sale this year: Juice Lab Saint-Germain, which notably offers its multivitamin slim treatment (52 euros per day for 8 juices, renewable for three days); and the latest addition, Juice Lab Marais, which combines coffee and juicing.

Juice Lab, 11, rue Jacob (6th Paris) and 25, Place des Vosges (3rd Paris). Such. : 06.15. 43.68.90.
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The greenest

Wild and moon: Raw wood, green plants falling from the ceiling: here we are in the hipster temple, 100% juice, 100% organic. You can drink your favorite cold-pressed juices, smoothies (“green”, “motivational” or “childish”), snack on kale chips or crackers with herbs and almonds. Good to know: a take opened its doors at 25, rue des Gravilliers (Paris 3rd) to pick up its magic potions.

Wild&themoon, 55, rue Charlot (Paris 3rd). Such. : 09 51 80 22 33.
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The most penetrating

Juice is: A clinical white bar where you can have your “shot” (50 ml, €3) of ginger, turmeric or pure spirulina and where you can order a detox treatment with delivery (€69, with a three-day extension). We also refuel during lunch breaks (vegan menu changes every day). Unsurpassed ultra-fresh fruits and vegetables: harvested the same morning.

Juice it Palais-Royal, 8, rue de la Vrillière (Paris 1). Such. : 01.73. 71. 27. 31. And the brand new Saint-Honoré, 32, rue Jean-Mermoz (Paris, 8th). Such. : 01. 72. 38. 24. 24.
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