Fist Personality Test: What does it mean to put your thumb in your fist? Why do you always hold your thumb in your fist? Or why do you put your thumb against your forefinger? Or why lock all your fingers with your thumb when making a fist? Did you know that the way you make your fist reveals your personality? Just like the shape of your lips, the length of your fingers, the way you cross your arms, the way you sleep, the shape of your nose, the way you sit, the shape of your fist reveals your true personality.

A personality test is a super tool to find out about yourself, your likes, dislikes, likes, how you think, your emotional intelligence, and your IQ level. These tests are scientifically based to delve deep into your psychological makeup, emotions, and rational thought processes to uncover deep, hidden personality traits that we repress for years after birth. Self-possession and integrity are vital to success. Often we forget about our passions and what we should be doing rather than what we are doing. Add to that the added bonus of finding a true tribe and people who will stick with you in good times as well as bad. But when we’re not true to ourselves and lose sight of our uniqueness, we often feel more exhausted and lost. That’s why we bring you these personality tests to help you live the highest version of yourself in work, friendships, relationships, family, and life’s journey.

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