This is The Dirtiest Part Of The Human Body Aind Here Is How To Clean It

Are you cleaning your body parts properly? If not, this article will give you insight into the dirtiest parts of your body that you just can’t wash enough.

If you are a person who takes short showers, you may not be able to adequately cleanse certain areas of your body. For example, ears, navel, etc. If these areas are not properly cleaned, the accumulation of dirt creates a favorable environment for bacteria.

So, next time you take a shower, try cleaning these parts of your body as well. 1. Ears We are not talking about cleaning inside the ears, but behind the ears. When you take a shower, it’s inconspicuous at the back of the ear, where the sebaceous glands secrete oil to keep the skin of the ear moist, so dirt accumulates. This greasy oil attracts dirt and bacteria and can start to smell when not washed off with water every day. To clean the inside of the ear, do not remove earwax with a cotton swab, as this may damage the ear [1] . 2. Your back may get wet when you take a shower, but it may not be as clean as you think. The back is one of the most overlooked parts of the body and one of the largest parts of the body. Therefore, when you lie on your back on the bed, the pores and glands in the back are easily blocked. Therefore, not cleaning your back properly can lead to back acne. 3. Body Acne Body acne occurs when sebum accumulates, which stimulates the bacteria that live on the skin, causing them to multiply and inflame the surrounding skin cells. This is due to three main factors – overactive sebaceous glands, excess dead skin cells, and overgrowth of acne-causing bacteria [2].

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