Three locations for the best fried chicken in Brussels

Three locations for the best fried chicken in Brussels

This is one of the most popular dishes in the USA. There we eat it straight out of the bucket in the middle of the Super Bowl or the next day to get back on our feet. Fried chicken over time has become more than just a dish, but a real emblem of Soul food in the United States, an African-American cuisine that favors hearty meals and is usually served in large quantities.

In Korea, fried chicken is also one of the classic Korean street foods. Here the chicken pieces are marinated and then breaded and fried. They are usually topped with a spicy sweet and sour sauce and sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds. So, no matter how it is cooked, the chicken should be voracious, but above all, perfectly crispy and golden with tender and moist flesh. At home, fried chicken is often associated with the great American fast food chain KFC and its famous secret recipe. However, while the wings of the fast food chain attract a wide audience, KFC currently represents one of the greatest examples of food industrialization and one of the worst examples of intensive poultry farming. Therefore, in order to avoid disappointment, we will not go to Colonel Sanders, but to local addresses where they cook it just right.

Most Belgian: Chicken Hector

The Belgian chain Hector Chicken, specializing in chicken since 1994, has 6 restaurants in Belgium. Here, the chicken is carefully selected from local sources, and most of the products are processed on site, in restaurants. On the plate is fried or baked chicken with French fries, compote or even in vol-au-vents, a nod to Belgian gastronomy. The Belgian attitude is now felt in the image of Hector the Chicken, who gives the world of comics a place of honor.

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Most Asian: Bap and Dak

This Korean stall has made a splash since it opened in the summer of 2020. If Korean cuisine takes pride of place, this restaurant offers fried chicken on its menu, which we try in Korea. Here we finger the famous fried chicken and dunk it in a honey-glazed hot sauce to die for. Vegetarians can also try the chicken alternative, just as crispy but cooked with tofu. And while you’re here, you can’t leave this place without trying their delicious bibimbap, which has nothing to do with fried chicken but is their signature dish.

The address? Rue Lesbroussart 55, 1050 Ixelles. Find the menu here.

Most American: Woodpecker

Woodpecker is one of those places that has quickly become a tourist attraction for many Brussels residents. The place attracts mainly for its brunches, which are served throughout the day, but the menu also includes fried chicken, served in a burger, which is worth a visit in itself. Here we find the very definition of the perfect chicken: it is tender and its breading is golden brown. It comes with homemade tartar sauce to die for, melted cheese and salad.

Find the menu here.

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