Toby Carvery served me the worst hot dog… It was like a long ET finger on my plate!

Toby Carvery served me the worst hot dog… It was like a long ET finger on my plate!

An enraged mom criticized Toby Carvery after claiming her son’s foot-long hot dog was served on a bun, calling it a “joke”.

Iraina Coleman-Green, 47, complained after the super-dog was served on a comical amount of bread at a restaurant in Aldenham, Herts.

The family complained about the lack of bread with pork flourCredit: Kennedy News
Oscar (left) was upset that his hot dog wasn’t covered in a bun.Credit: Kennedy News

The mom-of-three says the homemade salad brought to her 14-year-old son Oscar consisted of just a few slices of raw carrots and cucumbers and didn’t even include lettuce.

Optician Iraina filled her plate with tenderloin with retired firefighter husband David Green, 53, and their two other children, and sat down at the table.
Teen Oscar was devastated when his £7.49 hot dog arrived on a three-inch piece of bread, leaving nine inches open.

Irene said, “The bread was about three inches long, and that was for a foot long sausage. It was a small shock.

The restaurant owner criticized the dinner, saying that they
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“We finally got some more bread, but it wasn’t the size of a hot dog.

“Perhaps the chefs spend their time on the grill, it’s disappointing. It was like ET’s finger in a piece of bread. It really was a joke. »

The family spent the day in Watford before indulging in a holiday dinner over the weekend.

Iraina said they had never had a problem with Toby Carvery before and were “shocked” by the response.

She added: “Me, my husband and two other kids had meat dishes but Oscar decided he wanted something different so he chose it because it sounded pretty good.

“By the time we sat down, we were all gone to get the grill ready. We asked, “Do you have any more bread?” and we were told “that’s how it happens.”

“We were told, ‘This is how they serve it,’ and I said, ‘No, it’s not, it has to be a hot dog.’

“She’s back, and she’s back with some more stale bread. He was hungry because he had been running all day.

“I said” and salad? It’s not really a side dish, it’s like a baby carrot snack.” There was no salad.


“She came back and said, ‘No, it’s a side dish, that’s how it’s done, but you can eat vegetables.’

“He ended up with extra pasta cheese on his plate. We had big plates of food and he looked at what he was given so he was disappointed.

“I wouldn’t go back to that Toby Carvery. We have never had this experience in other branches.

“He won’t be ordering this hot dog in the future, I think it’ll just be a skewer.” »

Toby Carvery has since apologized and said he was disappointed with the food “not reflecting his high standards on this occasion”.

Iraina posted her rage about the food online, with many calling it “unacceptable” and “disgraceful”.

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A spokesperson for Toby Carvery Aldenham said: “We are proud of our popular Footlong Super-Pig so we are very disappointed that one of our valued customers received a dish that did not meet our high standards on this occasion.

“We have raised this matter with our internal teams for investigation and would like to apologize to the guest and invite them back to have a delicious meal with us. »