Vodka, obsolete from the revival of gin and tequila, wants revenge

Vodka, obsolete from the revival of gin and tequila, wants revenge

(ETX Daily Up) — Last spring, Kim Kardashian’s younger sister, Kendall Jenner, announced she was launching her own brand of tequila. In France, gin is popular, with sales up 25% last year. For the first time, the festival that just ended was even dedicated entirely to him in Lyon. In the white spirits department, vodka seems very old-fashioned. In an attempt to change the situation, brands are polishing a whole new image of this alcohol from the cold …

When was the last time you had a glass of vodka? The famous spirit, rooted in Slavic, Polish and Russian cultures, has taken on a serious look over the years. According to IWSR, which regularly publishes forecasts for the growth of the alcoholic beverages market, globally, sales volume last year has not changed and is unlikely to change until 2025. While many products are now posting their new recipes to offer the opportunity to personalize their own cocktails like premixes and hard seltzer, vodka is trying to use new assets in some way to entice consumers.

Made in France

And this is not new. For several years, French manufacturers have been praising the merits of domestic production, arranging a premium offer. In early May, Bastille Day, the company that creates the Guillotine brand, received the Guaranteed French Origin label, four years after the sale of its first bottles. In the wine country of Bordeaux, we even dare to use Champagne grapes to produce vodka. In the mountains of Reims, where pinot noir gives character to sparkling nectars, Cobalte vodka offers a new interpretation of spirits with a rounder taste and a very silky texture. Made from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, the drink received a silver medal at the latest International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC), as well as at the Vodka Masters.

Vodka from Champagne? This is an argument that helps to attract new consumers. First of all, this process allows nothing to be thrown away after pressing the grapes first harvested for the production of champagne bubbles. The Moutard family, which cultivates 23 hectares of vineyards on the Côte de Bar, distills grape pomace four times to produce organic vodka. At Guillotine we play the bacchic card to the end with oak aging for a special edition.

New flavors of vodka

Cereals, potatoes, as well as fruits… Therefore, vodka can be made from grapes, including those grown in the Charente Maritime, at the gates of cognac houses. This is the case of the successful Ciroc brand. Whoever seeks to make vodka a luxury item, in particular by hiring P.Diddy as an ambassador in 2007 (a real disdain for cognac-worshipping American rappers!), opened her voice to a new sub-category: flavored vodkas. Last recipe: pomegranate. This limited edition was released for the holiday season. It complements an already tasty portfolio based on mango, pineapple and even coconut.

With its acclaimed Absolut Vodka brand, giant Pernod Ricard has also jumped into the groove with the launch of a line of vodkas made from fruit juices last April. These new recipes, called “Absolute Juice” in apple or strawberry flavors, are betting not only on restoring consumers’ taste for vodka, but also on meeting the growing demand for aperitifs with a lower alcohol content. For once, it’s also a new ingredient for making your own cocktails at home.

Vodka is a luxury item

According to Businesscoot, 6.5 million French people drank vodka in 2019, down 18% from five years. In order to win the glass of consumers, innovation focuses on the development of high-end products. And what better way than caviar to get the message across? Last September, Orbe vodka won the Best Innovation of the Year award at the Lyon Hotel and Restaurant Fair (Sirha) for its artisanal French caviar-infused elixir supplied by the Scandinavian house. Petrosyan also had this idea in 2018. The famous establishment, which delights the most sophisticated gourmets with caviar and smoked salmon, turned to the Guillotine brand with a request to develop a recipe based on black gold. The Parisian house did not stop there and released vodka for the holidays … with black truffles. 5% of Melanosporum tubers are soaked in French vodka made from wheat.

Another way to create a prestige product is to limit its production. This is the choice of the Jura Heima distillery, which used wild pears to develop their recipe, obtained by distilling wild plants. Codename: northern crown. Jura has warned that it only produces between 1,000 and 2,500 bottles a year of its spirits collection, which includes aquavit, gin and vodka, all made from wild plants from the Jura Mountains.

Drink mindfully. A choice that comes with a price… and also gives a high quality image. Le Philtre is truly defined as an environmentally responsible vodka due to its use of wheat from organic farming and packaging in a glass bottle made from recycled glass waste. To launch his organic vodka in the spring of 2020, the writer Frédéric Beigbeder, accompanied by his brother Charles and childhood friend Guillaume Rappeno, relied on the experience of Villevert, the house that spearheads the brand. pure recipe, no added sugar.