Despite increased screening and testing, breast cancer symptoms are often overlooked. It sometimes happens to young women. Breast cancer is often referred to as a “disease of old age” because younger women often miss early symptoms. It can also happen to men and the symptoms may not be recognized. However, cancer does not discriminate.

Experts from the American Cancer Society have compiled a list of symptoms that are often overlooked that can lead to an early diagnosis of cancer.

Lose 10 pounds or more without trying or changing diet or exercise
Uninfectious unexplained fever
Extreme fatigue that does not go away with rest
Unexplained pain and no improvement
Skin changes, especially around the breasts
Regular bowel and bladder changes
Chronic wounds that do not heal
Unusual bleeding, such as bleeding from the nipple
A palpable lump in the breast area or under the armpit
Red or thickened breast skin
Indigestion or difficulty swallowing
Unexplained persistent cough
These symptoms do not mean you have cancer, and they are not the only signs that you may have cancer. Talk to your doctor if you notice any persistent symptoms.

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