We (maybe) found the best fried chicken in Paris

We (maybe) found the best fried chicken in Paris

After the grill fry and noodles, the newest installment in the Bangkok street saga of Paris, now delves into the expert science of frying. A few steps from the Gare de l’Est, the address offers a menu inspired by the culinary treasures of Southeast Asia, with a slight obsession with fried chicken in all its forms. Several times we were informed about this address as one of the new links fried chicken in Paris, so inevitable, we wanted to see it all up close.

Hot, hot, hot

Here at Bangkok Fry and Beer Street, while the star of the place is of course fried chicken, another a la carte dish has been taking its place as a serious treat for several weeks now. outsider : a hot fried chicken (very spicy. Before the midday service, we went to discover the secrets of this warming recipe.

forty spices

Jeff Claudio, chef, gray cardinal and mastermind gourmet from the shadows to come to the final and final recipe of this recipe. Instead of giving us the secrets to making this delicacy like no other, Norman, the founder of Street Bangkok, nonetheless agreed to give us a few basic principles for making this “Malaysian-style” fried chicken.

“First, a mixture of forty spices, from cayenne pepper to cardamom. Then a very finely blended flour mixture and a cold beater dipped in ice cubes to keep the shells and breadcrumbs elastic,” says Norman, founder of Bangkok Street.

“Finally, three to four hours of brine in the ginger mixture, then overnight in the spice marinade. The gesture is also very important, which should be light and very flexible, as well as a cooking bath worthy of the name.” Because, like spaghetti, a chicken needs space to swim, not sit in a poor little basket of fries.

When the chicken pieces are ready to be dipped in the oil bath, the place to go is homemade bread, cakeprepared daily on site and cooked to order, biryani rice simmered for hours, and three sauces that move: Filipino barbecue sauce (banana ketchup, cola, smoked onion), Thai sauce (mint, coriander, sugar and vinegar) and , to make up for the spoilage of chicken, which may seem too spicy to someone, yogurt and sour milk sauce.

The result of the races: competitive fried chicken and a spicy version that shakes well. If we already had a few favorites in Paris, then this one has taken an important place in our ranking of the best. fried chicken capital Cities.

Bangkok street – roast and beer
71, rue Faubourg-Poissonnière (9th Paris)