What do we eat for breakfast in honor of the traditional Muslim holiday?

What do we eat for breakfast in honor of the traditional Muslim holiday?

For some, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, while for others it is a sacred moment that rhymes with socializing and fun. So, to start April on the right foot, we are inspired by the biggest Muslim holiday and invite you to take a little culinary journey on the other side of the Mediterranean with a hearty breakfast and 100% Moroccan taste! On the menu ? Dates, mashed soups, delicious pancakes… that’s what to cook on the table for a successful celebration of Ramadan 2022!

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On the occasion of the holy month of the Muslim people, Deavita.fr invites you to break the fast together at sunset around a nice easy tour! And if for some it’s just a hearty breakfast, then in Morocco ftur is the sacred meal of Ramadan. On this occasion, Moroccan families place small plates in large ones. Tables for Ramadan are quite rich and everything is thought out to the smallest detail. And while some dishes may vary by region, others remain indispensable and even necessary for an unforgettable party. This is especially true of dates, harira soup and delicious puff pastry pancakes. In short, for the first meal after fasting, each food is of great importance. Before discovering them below, we do a historical review!

A Brief History of the Origin of Ramadan

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The family and religious holiday of Ramadan consists of a month-long fasting period. In 2022, it will run from Saturday 2 April to Monday 2 May. According to the traditional rite, you can neither drink nor eat from dawn to dusk. The breaking of the fast is recorded every day at sunset. It represents a real moment of fun, exchange and exchange and is held around exquisite and varied dishes. For Deavita.fr, Ramadan 2022 is a great opportunity to spend time in the kitchen and prepare various oriental dishes.

Dishes and main ingredients of the traditional ftur

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As you probably already understood, every meal in Ramadan is important both from a religious and nutritional point of view. For an appetizer, try chorba frik (a fragrant soup made from crushed green wheat, meat and spices). You can also make traditional chakchuka. Salad with peppers, chickpeas and raw vegetables can also be added to the festive Ramadan menu.

Gazelle horn dessert recipe for Ramadan 2022, April

As for the main dishes, Moroccan couscous and tajine vary according to everyone’s desires. They even exist in a vegetarian version. Feel free to adapt them to seasonal products. Less known recipes, but no less delicious: shrimp with charmula sauce, pastilla, trida or Algerian mavet. Finally, to end Ramadan 2022 on a sweet note, baklava, gazelle horns and pancakes will delight kids and adults alike. Fresh and dried fruits will also help replenish glucose levels.


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Undoubtedly, dates are the main ingredient in all four dishes. Indeed, the Prophet Muhammad broke the fast by eating dates. With 1,001 health benefits, this exotic fruit is an important source of energy due to its high sugar content. Therefore, it is ideal for restoring blood sugar levels after fasting. Dates are quickly absorbed by the body and prepare the stomach for the digestion of the rest of the food. They are also very rich in potassium, calcium and magnesium. They can then be consumed throughout the year, especially in autumn when the date palms are full of them.

Harira soup

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Among all four Ramadan dishes, harira soup is in the spotlight. Made with a broth of tomatoes, lentils, onions, chickpeas and spices, it is carefully garnished with diced meat and fresh cilantro leaves. Filling and low-calorie, harira contains all the ingredients for a complete meal. In addition to the soup, you can treat yourself to a hard-boiled egg with cumin to stock up on protein for the next day.

Baghrir or pancakes with a thousand holes

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Bagrirs are traditional Berber pancakes made with fine semolina, eggs, baking powder and baker’s yeast. To prepare them, there is nothing easier! Mix all ingredients in a blender with water and a little sugar and salt. Leave the dough to rest for 20 minutes and fry each pancake on one side to give it the look of a thousand-hole sponge. Serve hot with a mixture of melted butter and honey.

Puff pancakes

Moroccan ftur recipe 2022 puff pancakes for breakfast in Ramadan

Another popular pancake in the Maghreb, msemmens, is traditionally served with mint tea. Like baghirs, eat them with a little butter and honey. Some also spread homemade jam on it. To prepare msemmena, use flour, fine semolina, salt and water. Divide the dough into small balls and leave for 15 minutes. Brush each ball with butter, then fold into a wallet and fry in a pan for a few minutes.

What about four drinks?

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As for drinks, choose your favorite fruit juice, a good cup of mint tea, or a glass of traditional fermented milk (also called leben) to improve digestion. Regardless of the drink you choose, it’s important to choose healthy recipes that will provide your body with all the nutrients it needs after a long period of fasting.