Why Elena loves macaroni and cheese and hot sauce

Why Elena loves macaroni and cheese and hot sauce

Everyone loves mac and cheese with spicy sauce, but there’s a special reason Elena Belova makes this dish her favorite dish on Disney+. Hawkeye. Florence Pugh made her MCU debut in 2021. Black Widow, as Natasha Romanoff’s adoptive sister and fellow Black Widow agent Yelena Belova. The couple reunited after Captain America: Civil War, and although Natasha eventually returned to the Avengers, Elena continued to disrupt Dreykov’s network. However, unlike her hyper-persistent sister, Elena finds a more comedic side to murder, not afraid to make a joke while breaking bones.

The chaotic duality of Elena Belova is fully manifested in her long-awaited Hawkeye exchange with Kate Bishop. While stalking Clint Barton, Elena decides to visit Hawkeye’s new buddy, sneaking into Kate’s apartment and awaiting his arrival. To kill time, Elena takes over making mac and cheese in Kate’s kitchen with one fork, offering herself to the young archer when she finally arrives. When no one needs it additional cause cooking macaroni and cheese, Elena’s cooking habits are actually an emotional reference to the MCU.

AT Black WidowIn the film’s opening sequence, Natasha and Elena are children growing up in Ohio as part of a Soviet undercover operation, with Red Guardian (David Harbor) and Melina (Rachel Weisz) impersonating their parents. Two young girls are preparing a family meal for the return of their “father”, and young Elena says to Melina:I want macaroni and cheese!

Elena, who continues to champion the benefits of tube milk pasta, shows how Florence Pugh’s character carries the memories of her secret family into adulthood. Although the family fell apart at the end of the mission (and both parents sent their adopted children to the Black Widow program), Ohio was a precious time for Natasha and Elena, especially for the younger sister. Just as tastes and smells have a habit of conjuring up favorite forgotten memories, Hawkeye shows how macaroni and cheese reminds Elena of a happy family Black Widowopens. During a verbal workout with Kate Bishop, Elena also reveals how much she loves American Christmas, which is also a reference to that secret family of four in Ohio. Before the operation began, the quartet played Christmas in a Russian studio so that photographs and images could be used as cover. Despite the tricks, Natasha and Elena still remember that time with warmth. Hawkeye gives the little sister the perfect excuse to revisit her American childhood.

The Mac and Cheese Lineup and Christmas Addiction show Elena honoring her Russian family these days in the MCU. Although everyone goes their own way (or, in the case of the Black Widow, dies), Elena learned to enjoy those childhood years when she sat at the table with her parents and sister and ate the same meals that she had with her family at that time. Hawkeye Episode 5 even expands on Elena’s taste for pasta when vest-wearing killer Florence Pugh pleads, “My dad says it’s good for you” in regards to Red Guardian and macaroni and cheese.

The addition of hot sauce, however, has a very different explanation – Elena’s pasta filling is entirely Florence Pugh’s own. In an interview with buzzBertie (Hawkeye co-director) told how riffs on set led to a bottle of hot sauce being thrown at Elena rather than some other object, and Pugh (a big fan of hot sauce) came up with the idea to spread it on mac and cheese. Elena Hawkeye “Return” seamlessly blends the past and present of the MCU…with a lavish real-life twist.

Hawkeye ends Wednesday on Disney+.

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